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Onecrew Inc.

Chicago Bears 2021

This was a fun open created for the Bears while paying homage to the blue collar city of Chicago. In this open, we built LED towers alluding to the magnificent skyscrapers Chicago is known for. The animations on the towers were Bears-inspired architecture and structures. Loving the animations we created for the shoot we created a short sizzle marrying the beautiful 3D with the players creating a spec open that represents the Bears and Chicago.


Gridiron beams, metal rivets, and weathered metal were all ideas we felt represented the gritty city and architecture of Chicago. These shapes and textures were the foundation of our animations with a hint of Bears branding!

Soaring City   

Creating these designs vertically helped give the illusion of standing in Chicago’s downtown loop. The structures gave the feeling of towers soaring above you as you walked through the streets of Chicago.


Director Tom Green Director of Photography Andrew Shankweiler Line Producer Nicholas Langholff Producer Grant Aronson Animation Cole Boggess Editorial Tom Green