1. Creative Director
2. Designer
3. Compositing

Onecrew Inc.

Qatar TV

A small bonsai tree budding from an ancient manuscript. An enchanted carousel forming from a flowing fountain. A cloud of butterflies evolving from a single ribbon. A lush landscape growing from a barren desert. No idea was abandoned, and every concept was employed in creating these nine films for Qatar Television. As creative director, I was involved in every aspect of this project, from inception to completion.

Design Frames   

Below are the initial concept frames we created that we used as the corner stone in creating the magical world for Qatar TV.


Director Jose Gomez Creative Director Tom Green 3D Lead David Clayton Designers Eun-Sun Kim / Angela Zhu / My Tran / Josh Childers / Stephanie Corda / Asavari Kumar / Tom Green Editor Carston Becker 3D Animation John Bloch / Yas Koyama / Erik Anderson / Matt Johnson / Cody Smith / Kiel Figgins / David Andrade / Bren Wilson 3D Texture Fabio Bautista Rotoscoping Tim Unger / James Camaco Compositing Austin Blasingame / Billy Kwok Storyboard David Mellon Matte Painting Tim Matney Telecine / CC Jake Blackstone Producer Alana Blasingame / Brad Herbst Head of Production / Hilary Wright Executive Producer Arthur Portnoy Music Company White Noise Lab