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SYFY Robot Combat League

An epic battle to the death. Through modern engineering, athletes are pitted against one another, waging war with eight-foot, half-ton, humanoid machines. As director for Syfy's teaser for Robot Combat League, my greatest obstacle lay first in understanding the capabilities of this mammoth machine, and second in capturing the robot's strengths in the brief time we had. Ultimately, we shot by weaving and bobbing around the robot and Volkswagen in a hand-held format while simply allowing this colossal machine to do what it does best: devastate, demolish, and destroy.


Director / CD Tom Green 2D Animation Stephanie Corda / John Dretzka Compositing Frederick Ross / Tim Unger / Billy Kwok Designer Eun-Sun Kim Storyboard Artist Mark Pacella Editor Carsten Becker Head of Production Hilary Wright Executive Production Arthur Portnoy Sound Design Gavin Little Echo Lab Roger Lima White Noise Lab