1. Art Director
2. Designer
3. Animator

Onecrew Inc.

Scion XD

Cars, deviants, and sheeple with a twist of demonic overtones is what Scion XD is all about. I was involved in these two shorts from the initial pitching to leading the large team to compositing the final shot for delivery. The biggest barrier to cross during the initial pitch was determining the right attitudes of the little deviants; the spot needed to feel dark and creepy while still feeling playful, which Kyle Figgins and his team of animators pulled off masterfully. From start to finish, working on these pieces were a blast and still some of my favorites to date.


"Fable of the Devients"

Creative Directors Jose Gomez / Andre Stringer Director Shilo Art Director Tom Green Lead Design Tom Green / Jose Gomez Lead 3D Design and Animation Cody Smith 3D Animation Billy Maloney / Nate Davies / Blake Guest Character Animation Kiel Figgins / Chris Mead  / Jorma Auburn / Bren Wilson / Christopher Adams / Richard Lico / Dax Pallotta / Joe Jones Compositors Jose Gomez / Tom Green / Jon Wu / Marco Giampaolo Editor Mike Goubeaux Producer Jake Hibler Executive Producer Santino Sladavic

"Pit Stop"

Creative Director Jose Gomez / Andre Stringer Art Director Tom Green Executive Producer Santino Sladavic Producer Jake Hibler Editor Tom Green 2D Animator Tom Green / Jose Gomez / Jason Doherty / Nate Davies / Ed Laag / Eugene Gauran 3D Designer Ethan Summers / Cody Smith / Trentity DeWitt / Nate Davies / Matt Foley / Roberto Jauregui / Blake Guest / Tamir Sapir 3D Modeler Trentity DeWitt / Nate Davies / Matt Foley / Ricardo Ariza / Joey Struve / Brett Briley / Blake Guest / George Longo 3D Animator Trentity DeWitt / Nate Davies / Matt Foley / Eugene Kim Character Animator Kiel Figgins / Richard Lico / Jorma Auburn / Chris Mead / Bren Wilson

Advertising Agency Attik Advertiser/Client Toyota Agency Producer Michele Morris Agency Executive Creative Director Simon Needham Agency Accociate Creative Director Ron Lim Agency Art Director Greg Coffin Agency Copywriter Mike Brenner