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3. Animator

Onecrew Inc.

The Netflix Cup

The Netflix Cup was a first of its kind in many ways. The broadcast was the first true live event put on by Netflix, it paired Formula 1 drivers with PGA tour golfers and the graphics package was unlike something the audience had not experienced on live TV. The neon yellow and hot pink color palette mixed with the avant-garde visuals truly made this a unique package.

Design Language   

The design language was clean and simple - checkered pattern commonly associated with Formula 1 - topography lines and shapes analogous to golf and contours of F1 courses - flags commonly seen at the start of races and attached to hole pins -  were the cornerstones of the package.

Brodcast Package   

Once the design language was defined, the broadcast package quickly fell together. The twist was incorporating the four team colors into the package. Our solution was to lean into the commonly associated colors related to each driver. With a nod to team Ferrari, Sainz and Thomas were represented in red and yellow - Norris and Fowler outfitted in orange and light blue leaning into McLarens team colors and so on.

Insert Package   

The insert package was in continual development leading right up to the live broadcast! Understandably, this event was the first of its kind - pairing a PGA tour golfer and Formula 1 driver together created a different set of rules. These different rules dictated we that we need to approach the insert package under different guidelines as well. 


Production Company The Famous Group Creative Director Tom Green EVP Production Eric Burak Producer Brandon Grabowski Design Michael Croxton / Matt Barretto / Tom Green Animation Matt Barretto / Tom Green Editorial Tom Green Sound Design Guthrie Belfiglio