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Onecrew Inc.

WWE on Syfy

To promote WWE Smackdown moving to the Syfy channel, we were to create five individual scenes with Kane, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Big Show and The Undertaker, featuring the brut force and strength of each. My goal as creative director was to accentuate each wrestler's signature move with a metaphysical, energy-filled explosion.


Director Jose Gomez Director of Photography Jonathan Sela Creative Director Tom Green / Jose Gomez Editor Stuart Waks Assistant Editors Brian Bonus / Akira Chan Editorial Assistant Keith Raucy Lead Designers Ed Laag / Jon Lorenz VFX Supervisors Nathan Davies / John Cherniack / Walter Schulz 3D Animation Lead Blake Guest Lighting/Rendering Erik Anderson 3D Tracking Tim Turner 3D Interns Ronald Edward Calica / Bun Iv / John Bloch / Ryan Corcoran 2D Compositing Tom Green / Ed Laag / Jon Lorenz / Nathan Davies / Fabio LaMarche 2D Interns James Camanyag / Stephanie Corda Senior Producer Hilary Wright On Set Producer Joyce Walker Line Producer Kelly Amato Executive Producer Tracy Chandler Executive Producer Arthur Portnoy Writer Nathan Caswell Color Correction Rob Sciarratta Co3 Composer Darrin Wiener Sound Design/Mix Gavin Little Echolab Voice Over Talent Paul Kinney / Studio Center

Advertiser/Client Syfy SVP Marketing  Global Branding & Creative Michael Engleman Creative Director Joe Loskywitz Design Director Brian Everett Creative Executive Steve Feder Creative Director Off -Air Will Lee Director Production & Project Management Kate Leonard Producer Liz Gaffney Production Manager Miguel Rodriguez